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It’s good to see someone who’s created a new way to learn about social skills rather than the same four old books like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and company. Well done and well written.Maddy
Patrick has a wealth of information about social skills and humans in general that is pretty much unrivaled. He’s able to pick up on things that feel almost unfair to see.Tom
Working with Patrick was hands down one of the best things I’ve done for myself. He’s incredibly perceptive, and by the time our sessions ended, I felt like I had gained a whole new perspective on relationships and life. He is clearly very experienced at what he does, and was able to anticipate many of my questions and feelings throughout the process. Bravo!Allan
He definitely delivers on his promises for your online dating life. My reply rates grew exponentially, and I was able to secure my first date from OkCupid after trying fruitlessly for 3 months! Cannot recommend his online date coaching enough.Jonathan